Studen Speaker Series: November 14th, 2017

The Student Speaker Series provides students an opportunity to practice their presentation skills and share their ideas with their peers. Students may practice presenting for an upcoming conference, defense, or share other ideas (e.g., methodology, epistemology, theoretical framework) with their peers. Register for upcoming events here:

Students are invited to be part of the audience to learn from their peers and provide constructive feedback to the presenters. Sessions will be advertised via the EGSA-AÉDÉ newsletter, Facebook page and Twitter. We look forward to seeing you all there!


1:00 PM : Tylor Burrows

1:30PM : Annette Jubril

2:00 PM : Discussion

Date: November 14th, 2017 1PM

Location: LMX 477

(Please note, abstracts are presented in the language in which they are received)

Public Speaking Fundamentals (Tylor Burrows, PhD Candidate)

Presentation skills are valuable for educators and researchers, but novice presenters may find public speaking to be a challenge, and may not be sure how to improve beyond more ‘practice’.

This practical presentation aims to support the Student Speaker Series by introducing some some fundamentals of public speaking: voice, non-verbal communication, confidence, and rapport.  These fundamentals will be introduced with tips and exercises, and the audience will be engaged using a variety of activities during the presentation.

The presenter has ~15 years of educational and academic public speaking experience, and has taught speaking skills in a variety of contexts.

The Beauty in My Hair (Annette Jubril, PhD Student)

Through this presentation, I will highlight my experiences with my natural hair and conceptions of beauty so as to inspire a reflexive awareness of socialization. By reflecting on my experiences, I have become more cognizant of the way my hair has socialized me into understanding what is natural and beautiful—therefore, influencing the way I define both concepts and how that understanding reflects in the feelings I have towards my hair. My narrative will showcase the heightened challenges of being a black woman with naturally curly hair surrounded by what I understood as a singular vision of beauty.