**Due to an influx of interest and insufficient funds the application period is now closed for the 2022-2023 school year.**


The Education Graduate Student Association (EGSA-AÉDÉ) recognizes the importance of participating in or attending both academic and professional conferences and workshops for students within the Faculty of Education.


To be eligible, Applicants must be registered in a Faculty of Education Graduate Program at the University of Ottawa at the time of the conference.

Applicants must provide a rationale for how the conference or workshop relates to their program of study. The EGSA-AÉDÉ Academic Support Grant will support students in attending both academic and professional conferences, workshops, and professional development opportunities so long as they are able to justify how it is related to their program of study and are not being sponsored by another organization either within or outside of the university.


  1. Applicants must submit the “Application Form” completed and signed to the EGSA-AÉDÉ by email or arrange to drop it off at the EGSA-AÉDÉ office: LMX 431 (Lamoureux Hall, 145 Jean-Jacques-Lussier Pvt, Ottawa, ON, K1N 9A7). The application must include:
    • Original receipt for registration for the event
    • Recommendation from the academic unit or supervisor
    • Proof of current enrollment in a Faculty of Education Graduate program.

Note: Applications MUST BE submitted at least 2 weeks before the starting date of the conference. NO grants will be awarded after the fact. Applications will be reviewed within 2 weeks of submission of a complete application.

  1. The EGSA-AÉDÉ will then communicate whether the application has been approved. If approved, a cheque will be issued to the applicant.

Value of the grant

Grants will be issued based on the following:

  1. Applicants attending events within Ottawa and Gatineau will be covered for the cost of the registration up to $250.
  2. Applicants attending events outside of Ottawa and Gatineau will be provided with $250 to assist with the cost of registration and any additional travel and accommodation costs.

Note: Priority will be given to full-time students and those who have not previously been awarded the grant within the past year.