The Education Graduate Student Association (EGSA-AÉDÉ) recognizes the importance of students advancing their academic careers outside of uOttawa coursework and/or dissertations. The Student Academic Support Grant supports graduate students at the Faculty of Education with professional development opportunities. This includes but is not limited to attending and/or presenting at academic and professional conferences, professional development workshops, and professional development courses.


To be eligible, Applicants must be registered in a Faculty of Education Graduate Program at the University of Ottawa for the duration of the entire professional development (PD) opportunity.

Applicants must provide a rationale for how the PD opportunity relates to their program of study. The EGSA-AÉDÉ Academic Support Grant cannot be used to fund any college or university courses or opportunities that might fall under the requirements of an academic degree.

Applicants must submit the completed and the application form at least two weeks prior to the date of the event or start date of the PD opportunity.

Note: The Grant will be awarded according to the following priority:

  1. Students with financial need
  2. Students who have not previously been awarded the grant
  3. Students who have had an active role with the EGSA executive within the past year
  4. All other students

Students who fall under Priority 1 and 2 will receive a verdict on their application by the date of the PD opportunity. Students who fall under Priority 3 and 4 may not hear back until August of each year.

Value of the grant

The EGSA-AÉDÉ Academic Support Grant can be used to cover costs up to $300 per student per academic year. Please note that the Grant fund is limited to $3000 per academic year and is intended to serve at least ten different students. Any unused funds may be transferred to the following academic year or can be reallocated to other student initiatives as deemed appropriate by the EGSA-AÉDÉ. The following costs may be covered by the Grant:

  1. Conference/workshop/PD registration fees
  2. Conference/workshop/PD travel fees
  3. Professional association membership dues

Other fees or costs associated with the PD opportunity may also be considered.


Applicants must complete the “Application Form” at least two weeks before the date of the PD opportunity.  

The Application must include, among other details:

  • An original receipt for the affiliated cost (If the cost is not in $CAD, a partially redacted screen shot of a credit card statement may be used to indicate the currency conversion rate.)
  • Proof of current enrollment in a Faculty of Education Graduate program (In uoZone, under the Applications tab, select Enrollment Verification – Unofficial).

The EGSA-AÉDÉ will then communicate whether the application has been approved.

If approved, a cheque will be issued to the applicant and sent by mail after the end date of the PD opportunity.

Terms and Conditions

By submitting the application, the Applicant acknowledges that:

  1. The grant will be put towards covering the costs in the attached budget;
  2. The EGSA may publicize the applicant’s name and details of the PD opportunity, through their media outlets pending a successful application;
  3. The Applicant must submit original receipts and invoices for the costs covered by the EGSA as well as proof of attendance where appropriate;
  4. If sections 1 & 3 of the award conditions are deemed unfulfilled by the EGSA-AÉDÉ, the Applicant will reimburse the EGSA for the misallocated funds.