Meet the EGSA members that are currently holding positions on a volunteer basis (academic year 2021-2022).

EGSA Portfolio Holders

Administrative Internal
Association Committee Chair(s)Amanda Battistuzzi
Administrative OfficerVacant
Finance CommitteeNatalie Sadowski, Janelle Fournier
Archives OfficerVacant
Administrative External
GSAED RepresentativeBing Lu
CUPE 2626 StewardBabak Yazdani Fazlabadi
Faculty Council RepresentativeMonsurat Raji & Janelle Fournier
Education Research Units RepresentativeTifanie Valade
Student Associations Collective RepresentativeAmanda Battistuzzi
Graduate Programs Committee RepresentativeTifanie Valade & Marthe Foka
Social Internal
Communications OfficerVacant
Marketing and Social Media OfficersVacant
Newsletter EditorVacant
Information Technology OfficersVacant
Members of the Social CommitteeVacant
Academic Internal
Academic CommitteeBabak Yazdani Fazlabadi
Mentorship and Wellness CommitteeNatalie Sadowski & Jacquelyn Wingrove
Program Representatives
Anglophone PhDVacant
Francophone PhDCatherine Déri
Anglophone M.EdBing Lu
Francophone M.EdVacant
M.Ed CounsellingVacant
Anglophone MAVacant
Francophone MAVacant
Academic External
Journal Editors
Education Journal – Revue éducation
Véronic Tremblay, Catherine Déri, Babak Yazdani Fazlabadi, Monsurat Raji