Research Conversations – Pandemic Phenomenology

Join us for the launch of a new issue of the Education Review for a discussion on “Pandemic Phenomenology” which will be held on Tuesday, November 16th from 12:00 to 1:00 PM via the Zoom platform.

We will be using Zoom for this session and registration is required:

The session will be in English.


  • Rebecca Lloyd
  • Carolina Bergonzoni and student authors

This issue of the Education Review, entitled “Pandemic Phenomenology” features lived experiences of transformation, loss, loneliness, longing, hope, joy, and finding peace in one’s pandemic existence. Such papers emerged over the course of four months, when a group of graduate students gathered within the context of a course, to share and reflect on their pandemic experiences. Each contributor to this special issue engaged in the phenomenological process of making sense of their everyday life, an existence that had indeed become strange.