EGSA-AÉDÉ Special Projects Fund

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January 22, 2013


The aims of the EGSA-AÉDÉ are to:

  1. Promote community among graduate students in our Faculty.
  2. Improve the student experience (through support, and both social and academic events).
  3. Help students access the information they need to navigate the graduate journey.
  4. Advocate on behalf of our students.

The Special Projects Fund is designed to assist University of Ottawa Education Graduate Students  launching or supporting a student-run initiative that contributes to the aims of the EGSA-AÉDÉ listed above. Funds will be allocated to collaborative and/or community-building initiatives and not to students for support of their individual research needs. Funds will be provided for up to $400 based on the proposed budget of the applicant(s).


Applications for resources from the Special Projects Fund will be accepted on a continual basis.
Up to $1200 can be allocated on an annual basis, beginning in January 2013.

Applications may be in French or English and must be a maximum of 3 pages in Times New Roman 12 pt font. They must contain the following information:

– Description of the initiative
– Brief description of applicant(s) and other key stakeholders involved
– Contribution of the initiative to the aims of the EGSA-AÉDÉ
– Budget (Total budget and requested contribution of the Special Projects Fund)
– Other financial contributors and potential financial contributors

Applications will be considered on an individual basis and assessed based on the following criteria:

– Quality of the proposal
– Budget
– Feasibility
– Contribution of the initiative to the aims of the EGSA-AÉDÉ

Applications, communications and resource distribution related to the Special Projects Fund will be managed by the EGSA-AÉDÉ Finance Officer but assessed collectively by the Special Projects Fund Review Committee. Members of the Review Committee will be made up of EGSA-AÉDÉ Executive Members and must include the Finance Officer. Their ability to make funding decisions on behalf of the EGSA-AÉDÉ will be voted on by the EGSA-AÉDÉ in September of each year. If a member of the Review Committee has a conflict of interest with one of the applications he/she must declare it and temporarily step down from the Review Committee until the application has been decided upon, at which point he/she may be reinstated.

Applications should be submitted by email to: