The EGSA has no hierarchy. The executive members work together to improve the graduate student experience.

Administrative InternalAssociation Committee Chair(s)
Administrative Officer
Finance CommitteeFinance Officer;
Treasury Operations Officer;
Physical Resources Officer;
Finance Committee Members.
Archives Officer
Administrative ExternalGSAED Representative
CUPE 2626 Steward
Faculty RepresentativesFaculty Council Representative;
Education Research Units Representative;
Student Associations Collective Representative;
Graduate Programs Committee Representative.
Social InternalCommunications TeamCommunications Officer(s);
Marketing and Social Media Officer(s);
Newsletter Editor(s);
Information Technology Officer(s).
Social CommitteeSocial Committee Officer(s);
Social Committee Members.
Academic InternalAcademic CommitteeAcademic Committee Officer(s);
Academic Committee Members.
Mentorship and Wellness CommitteeMembership and Wellness Officer(s)
Program Representatives
Academic ExternalEducation Journal – Revue éducationJournal Editor(s)-in-chief;
Journal Editor(s).