Using Multi-Modal Teaching for English Language Learners (ELLs): Benefits for All Students!

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Natascia Petringa

On October 9th, 2018, I was kindly invited to the University of Alberta, Edmonton to teach a B. Ed class (EDSE 307) entitled “Language, Literacy and Society in Educational Contexts”. The module of the topic I was assigned was called “Scaffolding Language Production”. Given its rather broad scope, I chose to present multimodal ways of instruction to accommodate and/or scaffold for English Language Learners (ELLs). Although I have been a science teacher for over 20 years, I was informed that the B. Ed students in the class (about to commence their practicums in secondary schools), were mostly aspiring teachers of English, social studies, music, art, second language, design & technology, and PE. No one in the class was a prospective science teacher. Therefore, I re-directed my presentation towards teacher practices and scaffolding techniques which would benefit all students, not only ELL students in the classroom. The instructional methodology that I advocated was multi-modal teaching (i.e. the use of visual, audio, text or speech, movement etc.). Continue reading Using Multi-Modal Teaching for English Language Learners (ELLs): Benefits for All Students!

Blurb – Education Journal – Revue de l’éducation 2017

Education Journal – Revue de l’éducation 2017
Le volume 6, numéro 1, de l’Education Journal – Revue de l’éducation 2017 est maintenant en
ligne, à l’adresse suivante :

Bonne lecture!


Eduation Journal – Revue de l’éducation 2017
The Education Journal – Revue de l’éduation 2017, vol. 6, n o 1, is now online, at


Thriving in Grad School

Date: Thursday, September 27th, 2018 12 pm to 1 pm

Location: LMX 388

Language of Presentation: English and French

Presenters: Shelina Adatia, Zinat Goodarzi, Julie-Anne Turner


Are you struggling with the transition to grad school? Having trouble finding the resources you need? Wondering how to get a TA or RA position? Come to the first ever panel on Thriving in Graduate School, hosted by your colleagues in Masters and PhD programs on Thursday, Sept 27th, at 12 pm. Due to the sensitive nature of this workshop, this session will only be held in person and will not be audio recorded.

Continue reading Thriving in Grad School

Annual General Meeting of the EGSA-AÉDÉ 2018-19

Thursday, September 20, 2018 3-5pm  (LMX 388)

Are you looking to get involved? Build your academic and professional networks? Gain experience while serving your community? The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the EGSA-AÉDÉ is where the direction of the Association is set (in broad terms) for the upcoming academic year (2017-2018). Members commit to portfolios and standing committees. As a volunteer driven organization, we are always looking for new volunteers to help us fulfill our mission of building community for our student body at the Faculty of Education! There are lots of ways to contribute, including:

  • Creating and promoting workshops for skills development
  • Planning social events for your colleagues and classmates
  • Proofreading, editing, or laying out the newsletter
  • Advocating on behalf of students
  • Supporting other students in their graduate school journey
  • Managing the website and our social media presence

The AGM is also where elections are held for any vacant external representative positions.

Currently, the following external representative positions are available:

  • Educational Policy Committee (1 graduate student)
  • Educational Equity Committee (1 Anglophone graduate student, 1 Francophone graduate student)
  • Management Committee for Educational Research Units (1 graduate student)
  • Faculty Council (1 Francophone graduate student)
  • CUPE 2626 Stewards’ Council (1 graduate student)

Responsibilities of external representatives:

  • The external representative shall make reasonable efforts to attend the meetings of the committee or council to which she was elected. If she is unable to attend a meeting, she shall inform the Association so that a replacement may be found.
  • The external representative shall make reasonable efforts to attend the meetings of the Association Committee (“EGSA-AÉDÉ Meetings”) to report on the activities of the committee or council to which she was elected. If she is unable to attend, she shall provide her report to the chair so that it may be presented.

Election procedure

  • To become a candidate for a position, interested members may nominate themselves or others for a position by e-mail to the chair or by a declaration during the position’s nomination period at the AGM
  • Candidates shall have an amount of time designated by the chair to present themselves for a position. All candidates for the same position shall receive equal time to present.
  • Candidates who are unable to be present for the AGM (“absentee candidate”) may submit a brief text to the chair, who shall present it to the AGM on the candidate’s behalf. If the chair is running against an absentee candidate, the text shall be read by another member present.
  • Elections shall be conducted by secret ballot.
  • In the case of an uncontested position, the vote shall be a Yes or No vote.
  • In the case of a vote where no candidate has a majority, the lowest candidate shall be dropped from the ballot and the vote be retaken


  • Association Committee Chair
  • Administrative Officer
  • Information Technology Officer
  • Physical Resource Officer
  • Program Representatives (M.Ed.; M.A.; Graduate Diploma; Ph.D.)
  • Communication Officer
  • Marketing and Social Media Officer
  • Newsletter Editor
  • The Journal Editor
  • Academic Officer
    • Academic team members
  • Social Officer
    • Social team members

If you have any questions regarding the positions please email

Matinée-conférences sur l’Ontario français 2018

Dans le cadre des Journées franco-ontariennes 2018 de l’Université d’Ottawa se tiendra une matinée agrémentée de conférences sur la francophonie ontarienne, pour vous faire découvrir certains de ses aspects.

La Matinée-conférences sur l’Ontario français 2018 se tiendra le mardi 25 septembre 2018de 8 h 30 à 13 h, à la salle 083 du pavillon Tabaret de l’Université d’Ottawa. Continue reading Matinée-conférences sur l’Ontario français 2018

Welcome Week 2018

Welcome back and orientation!

The EGSA-AÉDÉ’s Orientation Week has a number of activities planned to welcome both new and returning students.

All Faculty of Education graduate students are welcome to attend.

This is a great time to meet new students and catch up with your colleagues.

BBQ: Café Nostaligica

Tour: Start at the main entrance of LMX

Movie Night: LMX 477