Studen Speaker Series: November 14th, 2017

The Student Speaker Series provides students an opportunity to practice their presentation skills and share their ideas with their peers. Students may practice presenting for an upcoming conference, defense, or share other ideas (e.g., methodology, epistemology, theoretical framework) with their peers. Register for upcoming events here:

Students are invited to be part of the audience to learn from their peers and provide constructive feedback to the presenters. Sessions will be advertised via the EGSA-AÉDÉ newsletter, Facebook page and Twitter. We look forward to seeing you all there!


1:00 PM : Tylor Burrows

1:30PM : Annette Jubril

2:00 PM : Discussion

Date: November 14th, 2017 1PM

Location: LMX 477

(Please note, abstracts are presented in the language in which they are received)

Public Speaking Fundamentals (Tylor Burrows, PhD Candidate)

Presentation skills are valuable for educators and researchers, but novice presenters may find public speaking to be a challenge, and may not be sure how to improve beyond more ‘practice’.

This practical presentation aims to support the Student Speaker Series by introducing some some fundamentals of public speaking: voice, non-verbal communication, confidence, and rapport.  These fundamentals will be introduced with tips and exercises, and the audience will be engaged using a variety of activities during the presentation.

The presenter has ~15 years of educational and academic public speaking experience, and has taught speaking skills in a variety of contexts.

The Beauty in My Hair (Annette Jubril, PhD Student)

Through this presentation, I will highlight my experiences with my natural hair and conceptions of beauty so as to inspire a reflexive awareness of socialization. By reflecting on my experiences, I have become more cognizant of the way my hair has socialized me into understanding what is natural and beautiful—therefore, influencing the way I define both concepts and how that understanding reflects in the feelings I have towards my hair. My narrative will showcase the heightened challenges of being a black woman with naturally curly hair surrounded by what I understood as a singular vision of beauty.

How to Survive Graduate Studies and Live to Tell the Tale: Managing the Student-Supervisor Relationship

Date : Thursday, November 9, 2017- 13:00-14:30

Location : LMX 387(The session is only offered in person)

Presenter : Ruth Kane, PhD; Nathalie Bélanger, PhD

Language of Presentation : French & English

Registration :

Join us for an information session on the student-supervisor relationship. We will be discussion the following topics:

  • The centrality of the supervisory relationship
  • Your rights and responsibilities
  • The supervisors’ rights and responsibilities
  • Choosing a supervisor
  • Strategies for managing the relationship
  • How to know if things are going wrong
  • What to do if things are going wrong

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Annual General Meeting of the EGSA-AÉDÉ 2017-18

Thursday, September 28th, 3pm to 5pm (LMX477)

Are you looking to get involved? Build your academic and professional networks? Gain experience while serving your community? The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the EGSA-AÉDÉ is where the direction of the Association is set (in broad terms) for the upcoming academic year (2017-2018). Members commit to portfolios and standing committees. As a volunteer driven organization, we are always looking for new volunteers to help us fulfill our mission of building community for our student body at the Faculty of Education! There are lots of ways to contribute, including:

  • Creating and promoting workshops for skills development
  • Planning social events for your colleagues and classmates
  • Proofreading, editing, or laying out the newsletter
  • Advocating on behalf of students
  • Supporting other students in their graduate school journey
  • Managing the website and our social media presence

The AGM is also where elections are held for any vacant external representative positions.

Currently, the following external representative positions are available:

  • Educational Policy Committee (1 graduate student)
  • Educational Equity Committee (1 Anglophone graduate student, 1 Francophone graduate student)
  • Management Committee for Educational Research Units (1 graduate student)
  • Faculty Council (1 Anglophone graduate student)
  • CUPE 2626 Stewards’ Council (1 graduate student)

Responsibilities of external representatives:

  • The external representative shall make reasonable efforts to attend the meetings of the committee or council to which she was elected. If she is unable to attend a meeting, she shall inform the Association so that a replacement may be found.
  • The external representative shall make reasonable efforts to attend the meetings of the Association Committee (“EGSA-AÉDÉ Meetings”) to report on the activities of the committee or council to which she was elected. If she is unable to attend, she shall provide her report to the chair so that it may be presented.

Election procedure

  • To become a candidate for a position, interested members may nominate themselves or others for a position by e-mail to the chair or by a declaration during the position’s nomination period at the AGM
  • Candidates shall have an amount of time designated by the chair to present themselves for a position. All candidates for the same position shall receive equal time to present.
  • Candidates who are unable to be present for the AGM (“absentee candidate”) may submit a brief text to the chair, who shall present it to the AGM on the candidate’s behalf. If the chair is running against an absentee candidate, the text shall be read by another member present.
  • Elections shall be conducted by secret ballot.
  • In the case of an uncontested position, the vote shall be a Yes or No vote.
  • In the case of a vote where no candidate has a majority, the lowest candidate shall be dropped from the ballot and the vote be retaken


  • Association Committee Chair
  • Administrative Officer
  • Information Technology Officer
  • Physical Resource Officer
  • Program Representatives (M.Ed.; M.A.; Graduate Diploma; Ph.D.)
  • Communication Officer
  • Marketing and Social Media Officer
  • Newsletter Editor
  • The Journal Editor
  • Academic Officer
    • Academic team members
  • Social Officer
    • Social team members

If you have any questions regarding the positions please email

Preparing Proposals for Academic Conferences Workshop

Date: September 13, 2017 at 1:30pm

Location: MRT 007

Presenter: Professor Nicholas Ng-A-Fook

Language of Presentation: English and French

Adobe Connect:


Presenting at conferences is a great way to meet people, share your work, get feedback, and enhance your CV.  Writing your conference proposal can be intimidating, and for this reason the EGSA-AÉDÉ has organized a workshop with the President of the Canadian Society for Studies in Education (CSSE), Professor Ng-A-Fook, with information on how to write your proposal for CSEE, tips to get accepted, and hands-on activities.  If you have a working proposal, feel free to bring one!  If not, we will provide samples.  

Refreshments will be provided thanks to support from the EGSA-AÉDÉ.

It is possible to attend this session in person or virtually over Adobe Connect.

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EGSA-AÉDÉ Mentorship Program 2017-2018


The deadline to apply is end-of-day, Friday, July 21, 2017, however we encourage earlier applications. Applicants will hear back from us at the latest July 31, 2017.

The EGSA-AÉDÉ Mentorship Program is structured differently than most mentorship programs.

The EGSA-AÉDÉ Mentorship Program is a team-based approach to mentoring incoming graduate students, focusing on helping new students access resources and navigate processes and procedures that they may encounter at the University of Ottawa:

  • If accepted, you will be assigned to a team with 1-2 other mentors
  • You will be granted access to a shared e-mail inbox that is to be used for any business related to the Mentorship Program
  • Each team is assigned a segment of the incoming student population
  • We try our best to match programs, streams, and student segments, however you may be assigned students outside of your own stream (likely) and program (less likely)
  • Each team is responsible for checking in (by mass e-mail) with their assigned students once every two weeks
  • Each team is also responsible for triaging any questions from their assigned student segment, ensuring that questions are either answered or forwarded in a timely manner

You are committing an average of approximately 1.5 hours of effort per week. This should cover any time spent checking the shared inbox, preparing and sending the bi-weekly check-in e-mails, and any other Mentorship Program related tasks that may arise.

  • The time commitment depends heavily on the activity from the incoming students
  • The Mentorship Program Leadership Team periodically re-evaluates workload for mentors and may shift mentors to different teams to balance out need
  • The Mentorship Program runs for the Fall and Winter sessions of the Academic Year

Your role as a mentor is what you make of it. Some of our greatest success for the 2016-2017 Mentorship Program were as a result of mentors taking initiative and going well beyond the base level of commitment.

Apply below to help to join us in building a welcoming student community!


Information Session and Discussion on the Research Ethics Application

Date: Monday, May 15th, 2017 1:00pm-2:30pm

Location: Vanier (VNR) 1050

Language of Presentation: English and French


Adobe Connect:

Are you beginning to think about or plan your ethics proposal? Dr. Barbara Graves, Chair of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Ethics Board (REB), will provide an overview of the ethics application process and tips for completing the ethics application.

We recommend you bring a laptop or a tablet to be able to navigate the Research Ethics Board website during the information session or download a copy of the ethics application ( and bring it with you to the session.

The information session will be available on campus and virtually over Adobe Connect.

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Thesis Proposal Information Session

Date : Thursday April 27th, 2017  1:30pm – 3:00pm

Location : LPR 284

Language of Presentation : English and French

 Registration :

Proposal Information Session: Are you feeling confused or overwhelmed writing your research proposal? In partnership with the graduate studies directors, the EGSA-AÉDÉ is running an information session that will address expectations for the proposal and strategies for writing a proposal and defending a PhD proposal. Don’t miss your chance to take part in the conversation, as the proposal is a very important component of your graduate studies.

The information session will be available on campus and virtually over Adobe Connect.

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Conversation Club

Do you want to improve your second language speaking skills? Come join us Wednesdays at 5pm in the basement of the Royal Oak on Laurier St. and practice your second language!

Join our facebook group for the most up-to-date information!