Student Speaker Series – January 19, 2017

The Student Speaker Series provides students an opportunity to practice their presentation skills and share their ideas with their peers. Students may practice presenting for an upcoming conference, defense, or share other ideas (e.g., methodology, epistemology, theoretical framework) with their peers.

Students are invited to be part of the audience to learn from their peers and provide constructive feedback to the presenters. Sessions will be advertised via the EGSA-AÉDÉ newsletter, Facebook page and Twitter. We look forward to seeing you all there!

Presenters: Jesse Henneberry & Julie Sullivan
Date: January 19th, 2017 1PM
Location: LMX 477

Deconstructing Psychotherapy (Jesse Henneberry, PhD Candidate)

I wish to give a presentation on the practice of deconstructing psychotherapy. I hope to highlight the benefits to both clients and therapists when therapists can hold a space to deconstruct their professional role. This however may prove difficult in practice, as the therapist is required to participate in the act of therapy while simultaneously deconstructing this same act. While challenging, I believe deconstructing our conventional story of what a therapist is, and how this story gets told, highlights an important political element of psychotherapy that is often overlooked.

Using UDL to teach French Immersion in an elementary classroom (Julie Sullivan, MEd Student)

A presentation that offers a way to provide second language instruction to LD learners in a French immersion classroom. The presentation will include some research on the findings for LD inclusion as well as a methodology for incorporating these learners in the classroom. Universal Design for learning is a framework that is designed to accommodate special learners into the design of the lesson plan instead of designing a lesson and then adding the accommodations at the end. It is an exciting approach that could potentially change the way that we look at LD accommodations. The framework could also be used support ELL students in both the English and French streams.