Research, Transformation, and Indigenous Societies: September 8, 2010 Panel!

The Education Graduate Student Association (EGSA) of the University of Ottawa invites you to “Research in Transforming Societies: The Roles of Researchers and Research in Indigenous Communities “, a Mini Graduate Student Conference that will explore the benefits and pitfalls of research with Indigenous communities through The Academy. The format will be a Panel Discussion to provide as much opportunity for dialogue as possible.

The schedule for the Panel, in brief: Algonquin Elder Albert Dumont will open the Panel with a Blessing.  Our First speaker will be Bertie Xavier, MA Student and the Toshoa (village captain) of Wowetta Village, Guyana, South America.   He will present his research on transforming a Poverty Mentality into one of Community Independence.  Next, Julie Comber, PhD Candidate in Education, will present on her efforts to be a genuine Ally to Makushi communites near Wowetta through research on their “Home Sown and Home Grown”  Environmental Education Program.  Virginia Gluska, MEd Candidate, will bring us back to Canada with her research on Fiddling with a Culturally Responsive Curriculum in Northern Manitoba.    All three Panelists will not only speak about their research, but also about their position and roles as researchers within Indigenous communities.  The presentations will be followed by a general discussion.

Come join us and dialogue with us on Wednesday 8 September 2010, 6:00-8:00 pm, in Lamoureux 117  (University of Ottawa).

See you there!

Questions  & RSVP:

Note: Presentations are in English but questions to Panelists and the general discussion can be in either French or English.   We have bilingual organizers who can provide simultaneous translation.  Please let us know if you require this.