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Summary: Cyclical Evaluation of the Graduate Programs in Education

Here is a summary of the Evaluation of the Faculty of Education Graduate Studies Programs. The evaluation was conducted by the Faculty of Graduate and Postgraduate Studies in 2012 and included input from graduate students. It takes place once every eight years and helps the Faculty set their agenda for a significant time period. A meeting open to all Education Graduate Students with Vice-Dean Academic Programs Barbara Graves took place on Tuesday May 21 at 2:30 pm in LMX 388 to talk about the evaluation. Dr. Graves shared the results of the evaluation, described the steps that the Faculty is taking to address its recommendations and answered students’ questions.

Summary Education

EGSA-AÉDÉ Special Projects Fund

This is content is archived and may be out of date.

January 22, 2013


The aims of the EGSA-AÉDÉ are to:

  1. Promote community among graduate students in our Faculty.
  2. Improve the student experience (through support, and both social and academic events).
  3. Help students access the information they need to navigate the graduate journey.
  4. Advocate on behalf of our students.

The Special Projects Fund is designed to assist University of Ottawa Education Graduate Students  launching or supporting a student-run initiative that contributes to the aims of the EGSA-AÉDÉ listed above. Funds will be allocated to collaborative and/or community-building initiatives and not to students for support of their individual research needs. Funds will be provided for up to $400 based on the proposed budget of the applicant(s).


Applications for resources from the Special Projects Fund will be accepted on a continual basis.
Up to $1200 can be allocated on an annual basis, beginning in January 2013.

Applications may be in French or English and must be a maximum of 3 pages in Times New Roman 12 pt font. They must contain the following information:

– Description of the initiative
– Brief description of applicant(s) and other key stakeholders involved
– Contribution of the initiative to the aims of the EGSA-AÉDÉ
– Budget (Total budget and requested contribution of the Special Projects Fund)
– Other financial contributors and potential financial contributors

Applications will be considered on an individual basis and assessed based on the following criteria:

– Quality of the proposal
– Budget
– Feasibility
– Contribution of the initiative to the aims of the EGSA-AÉDÉ

Applications, communications and resource distribution related to the Special Projects Fund will be managed by the EGSA-AÉDÉ Finance Officer but assessed collectively by the Special Projects Fund Review Committee. Members of the Review Committee will be made up of EGSA-AÉDÉ Executive Members and must include the Finance Officer. Their ability to make funding decisions on behalf of the EGSA-AÉDÉ will be voted on by the EGSA-AÉDÉ in September of each year. If a member of the Review Committee has a conflict of interest with one of the applications he/she must declare it and temporarily step down from the Review Committee until the application has been decided upon, at which point he/she may be reinstated.

Applications should be submitted by email to:

Graduate Writing Centre

One of the roles of the EGSA executive is to advocate for Faculty of Education Graduate Students interests within the faculty and the university at large. This work continues in the summer as well. An issue that was identified by the EGSA was insufficient writing support services for graduate students. To remedy this gap in service delivery, a motion was adopted at the GSAED council asking for increased writing support services for graduate students at uOttawa. This motion resulted in the creation of a working group consisting of members of GSAED and administrative personnel, including the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (FGPS). The working group has created a proposal for a new comprehensive writing support service available to all graduate students at uOttawa. To get a sense of what kind of support graduate students need, the GSAED Officer of University Affairs, Brenna Quigely, organized a three-day writing retreat in the summer, biweekly writing blocks, and a week-long writing retreat that will take place in October. For further information, see:

Student Experience Survey


The Education Graduate Students Association (EGSA) is inviting your opinions on the quality of the graduate student experience in the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa through an electronic survey. This survey was created by the EGSA in order to better understand the student experience. The results will be used by the EGSA and be presented to the Faculty of Education.

You can access the survey by clicking on this link:

The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. It can be completed any time before midnight on Saturday November 17, 2012. All graduate students in the Faculty of Education (Graduate Certificate, MA, MEd and PhD) are encouraged to fill out the survey. Recent graduates are also invited to fill out the survey, so please forward this email to any that you know. Your participation in this survey is voluntary and we will not ask for your name or any information that leads to your identification. If you have any questions about the survey, please direct them to the EGSA at

CUPE 2626 Special Town Hall Oct 9 / Forum de discussion le 9 octobre

Why Education students should care?!

Graduate students at the Faculty of Education need to be informed of matters that pertain to their prospective or current work as TAs or RAs. Whereas the Faculty tries to keep abreast with the collective agreement, we students need to advocate for ourselves and help the Faculty help us make ends meet. Graduate students are all potential members of CUPE2626. As such, knowing what CUPE2626 is doing on our behalf is crucial. Specifically, the recent and upcoming change of heads and modifications to the bylaws should be brought to the attention of our grad students some of whom may know whether they are members of CUPE2626 and thus may consider showing up and casting a vote at the meeting specified below. It’s important that people who can, will cast their vote. If you have signed a contract with the Faculty of Education in the last year, take the time and go to the meeting. If you are not sure whether you are a member of CUPE2626, you contact the CUPE2626 coordinator and ask whether your name appears on their list.


Dear CUPE 2626 members,

Please join the CUPE 2626 Executive Board and Stewards Council for a Town Hall meeting next Tuesday, October 9th, at 6:30pm in the Senate Room, TBT 083, to discuss the proposed changes to our bylaws. Some of the changes are somewhat controversial, and so we hope to have a healthy amount of debate before the final vote at our upcoming Regular General Assembly this November. The session is intended to answer questions, generate debate, and even draft any amendments that you may wish to propose at the upcoming RGA. Snacks will be provided.

All of the proposed changes are available in the following online folder:

There will also be a Special Stewards Council meeting directly preceding the Town Hall Discussion, wherein we will elect an interim Vice President, Chief Steward Francophone, and Equity Officer to our Executive Board. The election will be held at 5:30pm, also in TBT 083. All members are eligible to run for these paid positions, although only stewards can vote in the Special Stewards Council.

Here is a link to descriptions of the posts:

We look forward to seeing you there!

Joel Ratcliffe
Chief Steward Anglophone
CUPE 2626

Isabelle Hétu
Chief Steward Francophone
CUPE 2626
University Centre, room 303
Tel.: 613-562-5345


Cher(e)s membres du SCFP 2626,

Vous êtes invités à joindre le Conseil exécutif et le Conseil des délégués pour un forum de discussion le mardi 9 octobre 2012, 18h30, à la Salle du sénat (TBT 083), et ce, afin de discuter des changements proposés à notre constitution. Certains des changements sont quelque peu controversés et nous espérons tenir un débat ouvert avant le vote final qui aura lieu lors de l’Assemblée générale régulière de novembre. Cette session a pour but de répondre à vos questions, de générer un débat et de travailler sur de potentiels amendements que vous pourriez soumettre lors de l’Assemblée générale régulière. Un léger goûter sera servi.

L’ensemble des propositions sont disponibles dans ce dossier:

Il y aura aussi un Conseil spécial des délégués précédant le forum de discussion, où nous élirons au  Conseil exécutif des membres pour les postes intérimaires de Vice-président(e), Délégué(e) en chef francophone, ainsi que d’Agent(e) d’équité. L’élection aura lieu à 17h30, à TBT 083. Tous nos membres peuvent se présenter pour ces postes rémunérés. Toutefois, seul(e)s les délégué(e)s peuvent voter au Conseil spécial des délégués.

Voici le lien menant aux descriptions des postes:

Nous espérons vous voir en grand nombre!

Isabelle Hétu
Déléguée en chef francophone
SCFP 2626

Joël Ratcliffe
Délégué en chef anglophone
SCFP 2626
Centre universitaire, pièce 303
Tél. : 613-562-5345